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Going offshore nowadays is the most popular way of starting or managing your business. Offshore companies do not only offer tax exemption. That's surely what made them famous and popular. More important however is the freedom of operations, confidentiality and ease of running your business. There will be no paperwork, no hassle with filings and audtings.

Incorporate your new company today! Go offshore now, no visit required.
Quick, easy, affordable.

 Offshore Banking

Offshore Banking



How to fix, solve the OECD tax exchange problem?

The answer is very easy. Buy a shelf company with a current bank account and use it.

If you buy a ready made company with bank account, the bank won't see you, but the all controll is in your hand. You will receive the company documents, the bank account details, the login details, digipass(token) and VISA card as well. Everything to be able to use the company and the bank account immediately.

You can start your business immediately, do not need to wait some months for the bank account. To open a bank account in these days is very hard and complicated. We do it for you. You can only enjoy it.


We have many shelf companies with a live bank account, so you can get it immediately.

We have many Seychelles and Belize company with a bank account, and we can open bank account in Singapore or in Hong Kong as well if you order a Singapore or a Hong Kong company.

We have many shelf companies in Hong Kong with live bank account in Hong Kong.

and shelf companies in Singapore with bank account in Singapore.

We can open one additional account for the singapore company in Swissland if you need. You can buy one and use it immediately.


If you need a new company in Singapore, no problem.

We will do it for you if you order it. The time frame is about 3 weeks to set up a Singapore account for the Singapore company and about 4 weeks to set up one other account, outside Singapore.


If you do not need a company and bank account, just need an anonym bank card, this is also possible. We offer anonym MASTERCARD with $240.000 withdrawal limit. No name on the card, only the card number and date of expiry.

If you interested about it, please let us know.

E-mail: info()offshore-online.net or offshore-online()hush.com


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