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Going offshore nowadays is the most popular way of starting or managing your business. Offshore companies do not only offer tax exemption. That's surely what made them famous and popular. More important however is the freedom of operations, confidentiality and ease of running your business. There will be no paperwork, no hassle with filings and audtings.

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 Dominica International Business Companies (IBC'S)

Dominica International Business Companies (IBC'S)


  • 290 sq. mi. (753 sq. km.)
  • Population: 85,000
  • Capital: Roseau, population: 21,000
  • Language: English + French patois (Creole)
  • Money: EC$ 2,7 = US$ 1 (approx.)
  • Member of the United Nations
  • Member of the British Commonwealth and CARICOM
  • Member of the OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States)
  • Independent: 21 years (former British colony)
  • Head of the State: President
  • Head of the Government: Prime Minister

Highlights of the Dominica IBCs incorporation

  • Only one director required;
  • Corporate body can be Director and Shareholder of the Company;
  • One person or corporate body can be both, director and shareholder;
  • There is no requirement of the secretary of the company;
  • No limitation of the amount of share capital of the company;
  • Registration and annual fees do not depend on the amount of the share capital;
  • Annual Government fee for the tax exemption is due to be paid at the date of incorporation of the company;
  • Share capital can be formed and registered in any recognizable currency;
  • There is no requirement to pay up the share capital, in whole or partly;
  • There is no requirement of the annual audit of the company;
  • Name and Incorporation Documents can be in any language, but English translation required;
  • Tax exemption for 20 years;
  • Annual meetings of shareholders and directors of the company (if more than one) could be held any where in the world. There is no requirement of personal meetings, you can do it with the electronic sources of communication;
  • There is no necessity to come to Dominica to register or operate the company;
  • Registry of the High Court of the Commonwealth of Dominica Apostiling documents itself;
  • Closed register of the directors and shareholders;
  • There is no any international agreements on the dual taxation;
  • You can use any internationally recognized ending which states Limited Liability of the company (LTD., Corp., Inc., PLC, N.V., S.A., GmbH, (etc)

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